Our Staff

Our staff at Springlands School are committed to providing the best possible learning opportunities for all children. This is achieved through engaging in continual professional development, high-quality programme delivery and a comprehensive process of school self-review. We work in teams (Nikau, Rātā, Kōwhai and Tōtara) because when we work together we achieve more! Together we are responsible for ensuring our school vision, and the curriculum, meet the needs of all learners.

Hamish Stuart


Dona Ferrier-Ferguson

Deputy Principal

Cathee Wilks

Deputy Principal

Nikau (New Entrants – Year 1)​

Libby Avery

(Nikau team leader) Room 11

Alison Hart

Room 13

Courtney Haley-Stewart

Room 14

Rātā (Year 1 - Year 2)

Helen Washington

(Rātā team leader), Room 6

Bonnie Gardiner

Room 7

Cherie Agnew

Room 16

Kōwhai (Year 3 - Year 4)

Bridget Cleary

(Kōwhai team leader) Room 20

Kirstin Kelliher

Room 17

Dona Ferrier-Ferguson

Room 17

Leann Lamb

Room 3

Lena Blanke

Room 4

Tōtara (Year 5 - Year 6)

Sarah Girling

(Tōtara team leader), Room 1

Paul Fyfe

Room 2

Rochelle Hegglun

Room 5

Beth Crosswell

Room 5

Brittany Nixon

Room 18

Emilio Dell-Yaxley

Room 19


Vic Vallely, Sandra Munro, Ange Nicholson, Dawn Kerry, Cheryl Neal, Alana Greene, Pip Avery, Dona FF, Geena Te Kawa, Jess Tai, Tamika Brand & Janine Dennis.