Nga Tikanga

Springlands School recognises that students and staff have the right to a safe learning and working environment.

We will work towards developing a whole school ethos promoting non-violence, respect for self and others, respect for property and environment.

We all have a responsibility to help make this happen. We value and respect everybody regardless of their behaviour.

Expectations and consequences should always be clearly defined and consistent at all times.

Positive role models and programmes encourage self discipline and positive behaviour.

We will promote a positive school culture through:

  • developing behaviour codes that are known and shared by the whole school and community
  • setting high expectations for standards of behaviour
  • practicing proactive intervention strategies
  • follow school procedures and plans for managing and modifying children’s behaviour


If we are concerned about the behaviour of your child, we will inform you immediately it becomes apparent. We encourage a strong liaison between teacher and parents when problems arise.  Likewise if you have any concerns, please talk this over with the classroom teacher.  Many issues are easily resolved if they are acted upon at the earliest opportunity. 

At Springlands we strive to have a zero tolerance to bullying. If your child reports that he or she has been bullied we would like to know.