Parents are asked to ring the school or text 027 753 6059 before 9am to report if their child will not be attending school on that particular day. If a child is absent without reason you will be sent a text or rung to safeguard your child.  We highly recommend downloading the Springlands School app, free from your app store.  From this app you can advise the school by text, email or phone.

If you intend to have a holiday during school time, (longer than 5 days) please advise the school in writing.  While this is not a legal reason for absence we recognise the importance of family time and the richness of these experiences for our children.  Teachers are not required to provide instruction for children who are absent for family occasions. Regular absences can interrupt learning and can impact on long term achievement.  If children are frequently absent, a letter will be sent home. If the absences continue the truancy officer may be contacted. 

Signing in/out

Parents/Caregivers taking children from the school during school hours must sign their child out using the tablet which is on the office counter.  If your child has an appointment we ask you sign them out and back in when they return. Students are not to sign themselves out and must be accompanied by a Parent/Caregiver.